Breathe Easier in Winter Dryness

ResQRinse Sprays and Nasal Mists

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Warning: Use of ResQRinse® can improve your life.
Dress accordingly.


Do you currently rinse with another device? Are you sick of the choking and gagging? Or do you have nasal irritation, allergies, dryness or other sinus discomfort? Then ResQRinse® is here to provide relief!

Warning: Use of ResQRinse® may result in happiness and gratitude.
Just go with it.


Our Nasal Lock™ keeps saline solution in your sinuses – not down your throat.

It’s fast, easy and effective. So, what are you waiting for?

Add an all-natural, proprietary ResQRinse® salt packet to distilled water.

Shake to mix.

Gently squeeze bottle and blow into mouthpiece to rinse.

Nasal Lock™ keeps saline in your nose, not in your throat.

Warning: Use of ResQRinse® may  turn you into a superhero.
Maybe give your family a heads up.