Safe Allergy Relief During Pregnancy

For safe allergy relief during pregnancy, taking prescription drugs and over-the-counter allergy or decongestant medications may carry risks and side effects. A physician should always be consulted. The Mayo Clinic recommends nasal rinsing during pregnancy. In this article, Dr. Tobah addresses the topic of taking allergy medications, and listing many drug-free options, emphasizing the safe

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Nasal Rinsing and Non-Compliant Patients

Samantha was a 45-year-old married mother of three, working full-time and battling chronic sinusitis that seemed to have worsened despite the best efforts of her primary care providers.

Why the Salt Packet? Trust Me – Take My Word for It

Whether it is due to not drinking enough coffee or staying up for an all-night Game of Thrones marathon, everyone has an off moment from time to time. If you’ve ever had one while rinsing your nasal passages, you probably know what happens. Your flaming nostrils tell you!

Are You Breathing Polluted Air?

Take a deep breath. Just breathe. Inhale and exhale. These are all things we’re instructed to do throughout our day. Why? Because a breath of fresh air is supposed to be good for us. But – it turns out – we might be misinformed.