Study Shows Nasal Irrigation Boosts Exercise Performance

Study conducted by West Chester University Kinesiology Department shows nasal irrigation boosts exercise performance This study examining whether nasal irrigation boosts exercise performance was published in the Journal of Sport and Human Performance. According to the study’s abstract, the purpose was to, “examine nasal irrigation as a possible sodium bicarbonate ergogenic aid and observe its

Nasal Rinsing for Kids: Your Gag-Free Solution

Nasal Rinsing for Kids: Pediatricians & parents know they need it, but often children won’t tolerate traditional methods. Because of the gagging and choking common with traditional sinus irrigation methods, kids often approach having their noses cleaned with kicking and screaming. One pediatric ENT doctor and mother describes the miserable process she went through with

Safe Allergy Relief During Pregnancy

For safe allergy relief during pregnancy, taking prescription drugs and over-the-counter allergy or decongestant medications may carry risks and side effects. A physician should always be consulted. The Mayo Clinic recommends nasal rinsing during pregnancy. In this article, Dr. Tobah addresses the topic of taking allergy medications, and listing many drug-free options, emphasizing the safe