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Post-Surgery Garbage Odor: Why Does Getting Well Smell So Bad?

In the days following surgery, life doesn’t always come up smelling like roses. Instead, it can come up smelling like garbage. Yep, one of the more common side effects of a procedure performed on the nose or sinuses is an altered sense of smell. This can leave patients impatient and wanting to dive nose first into a flower garden.

Neti Pot Vs ResQRinse: The Nose to Nose Battle

Neti Pot vs ResQRinse | Nasal RinsingResQRinse and neti pots have a common goal in sinus rinsing, but the user experience can be quite different. The centuries-old neti pot provides a nasal lavage, but requires complicated positioning by the user and often results in discomfort, gagging, and choking. The new, innovative ResQRinse device is comfortable and easy to use, and works naturally with the breathing process to isolate the nasal passages and prevent fluid down the throat.

The Difference Between the Cold, Flu, and Seasonal Allergies

It can be difficult to tell the common cold from the flu or allergies. For you, the sufferer, the destination is often the same: the living room sofa. Sore throats, aches, and a nose that’s suddenly a long-distance runner – the symptoms of all can overlap. So how do you know what you have? And, importantly, how long will you have it?