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BOULDER DAILY CAMERA: 5 questions with Longmont’s Dana Willett, president of nasal rinse company SinOptim
By Lucas High Staff Writer | Posted:   06/02/2018

Longmont resident Dana Willett is trying to change the way people deal with sinus and allergy issues by reducing some of the unpleasant aspects of nasal rinsing.
Willett’s company, SinOptim LLC, recently launched a product called ResQRinse that functions much like a Neti pot, but with added features designed to eliminate gagging and choking… Read more

BIZWEST JOURNAL: Longmont startup knows the nose can be key to health
By Jensen Werley | Posted:   06/01/2018

Dana Willett is looking for a world where people prepare for bed y brushing their teeth, washing their face, and rinsing their nose. Willett is president of SinOptim, which launched its patented first product, ResQRinse, in March. ResQRinse is a nasal rinse bottle that has innovated on traditional methods like the Neti Pot… Read more

PRWEB: Product Launch: ResQRinse
Posted: 05/14/2018

Just in time for allergy season, SinOptim LLC, introduces ResQRinse® — a revolutionary, new sinonasal irrigation system designed to provide comfortable and all-natural relief for people suffering with sinus conditions and allergies —without the gagging, choking, burning and airway contamination often caused by other rinsing methods… Read more

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Full-Page Advertorial Ran October 2018 for ENT Journal
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