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Are you ready to breathe deeply again? Designed and developed by an ENT physician, the ResQRinse® nasal rinse system is the new neti pot that won’t make you gag! Instead of using a nasal rinse device that can cause burning, gagging, or choking, ResQRinse makes nasal rinsing easy, comfortable, and most of all, effective. The Nasal Lock™ approach helps to keep the saline solution in your nasal passages, where it can actually rinse away the congestion, irritants, or allergens, instead of running down the back of your throat. If you’ve ever struggled with the discomfort of another nasal irrigation device or feel as if you’re choking or gagging, then the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device is for you! Many people use a different nasal rinse system once or twice and then choose to stop using it because it can cause a burning or stinging feeling in the sinuses, or make them gag or even feel like they’re drowning. The ResQRinse nasal irrigation system takes all of the discomfort out of rinsing by utilizing the Nasal Lock approach.

Check out all of our ResQRinse nasal rinse products here. With headquarters in the state of Colorado, our products are made in America and are food-grade and latex-free. You can rest assured that you’re only one nasal rinse away from enjoying clear sinuses, deep breaths, and an improved quality of life. Our easy-to-use instructions will make using your ResQRinse system a breeze, or you can watch our videos for more information and how-tos. Using our nasal irrigation system will allow you to enjoy a better quality of life by breathing deeper, easier, or better. Many people feel like they’ll never enjoy clear sinuses due to seasonal or perennial allergies, pet allergies, indoor irritants, pollution, sinus drainage issues, or chronic illness. Sneezing, congestion, sinus pain and headache, wheezing, and a host of other symptoms can be reduced or even eliminated by regularly using ResQRinse. By breathing easier and fuller, you’ll sleep better, have more energy, and enjoy optimal sinonasal wellness.

Nearly anyone can benefit from using our ResQRinse nasal rinsing products, even children. Of course, consult with your child’s pediatrician first before using any ResQRinse nasal irrigation device or product, but many children enjoy using the ResQRinse device and experience relief from sinus congestion and pressure, as well as allergies. Parents love ResQRinse as well because it’s a drug-free and natural option for relieving symptoms, and can be used every day if needed. Teens and adults love using ResQRinse nasal rinsing products as well. Check out our testimonials for rave reviews about the effectiveness of our products from people who have tried them.

If you’ve been struggling with congestion, nasal irritation, or allergies or dislike other nasal rinse devices, it’s time to try the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device. Order yours from our website, our Amazon store or Walmart online online today! Enjoy better health for yourself and your family. Rinse. Breathe. Live.