ResQRinse® Complete 30 Day Count Kit


Res-Q-Rinse 30-Day Kit Sinus Rinse neti pot alternative. Physician-designed and physician-recommended, ResQRinse® is ready to make your life better, one rinse at a time.

Includes: One 10 oz ResQRinse® device, plus 33 ResQRinse® Saline Packets, a Premium ResQRinse Cleaning Brush

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Product Features

  • 30 Day Kit - Includes The Res-Q-Rinse Nasal Rinse System + 30 Days of Res-Q-Rinse Premixed Saline Packet Refills + a Premium ResQRinse Cleaning Brush
  • Unique, comfortable design. No more neck strain!
  • Say good by to choking, gagging & burning. No more saline mix down the throat!
  • Nasal Lock™ means solution stays in your sinuses where it does the most good
  • Physician designed + physician recommended
  • Natural & affordable
  • Non-Allergenic, Latex & BPA-Free
  • Perfect for Isotonic or Hypertonic rinses
  • Soft, comfortable nose piece
  • Individual Use Only (Seriously, don’t share.  That would be gross.)

Note: Please keep out of reach of children and read Instructions For Use in packaging before first use.

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