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Traditional nasal irrigation devices, nasal lavage systems, the neti pot, and even nasal vacuums have the right idea, but often don’t execute the idea in the best way. Removing nasal debris, allergens, dust, dirt, congestion, and mold is one of the best ways to eliminate nasal and sinus pain, pressure, and irritation and allow the sinus cavities to heal. However, these nasal irrigation devices often cause the user unfavorable side effects like burning, gagging, and choking. If you’re already sick from a sinus infection or feeling poorly because of seasonal allergies, you really don’t want to experience any more discomfort. Because of these negative effects, many people rinse once or twice and then forget about nasal rinsing. ResQRinse was created to eliminate those frustrating side effects so nearly everyone can experience the benefits of daily nasal rinsing or rinsing as needed due to illness or infection.

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The ResQRinse nasal irrigation device was originally created for patients who had recently undergone sinonasal surgery and needed to irrigate their sinuses as part of their healing. Unfortunately, many stopped using their nasal irrigation devices because it caused discomfort and even pain. When Dr. Stephen Chandler, the inventor of ResQRinse, realized this, he decided to create a better nasal irrigation device so his patients could experience a better quality of life. However, you don’t have to be a sinonasal patient to use ResQRinse for yourself. Allergy sufferers, those who live in a dry or desert climate, or even individuals who have perfect sinonasal health can enjoy regular nasal rinsing with the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device. If you spend your days working in dusty or dirty environments, are a landscaper, or work around fumes, smoke, and other potential irritants, you may benefit from nasal rinsing to keep your sinuses clear and nasal passages irritation-free.

ResQRinse nasal irrigation device is made in the USA of the highest quality materials. You can be sure that we pride ourselves in manufacturing our products based in Colorado. The ResQRinse nasal rinsing system and other Sinoptim products are designed to give our users the ability to nasal rinse every day or as often as they need without burning, stinging, choking, or gagging. Taking the negative side effects away and allowing our users to enjoy optimal sinonasal health is our goal. Nasal rinsing and irrigation doesn’t have to cause discomfort, nausea, or pain any more. With ResQRinse nasal irrigation device, you can enjoy the benefits of nasal rinsing every time.

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