Nasal Rinsing As A Drug-Free Allergy Solution

Allergies are exceptionally common in all ages: more than 50 million people in the US suffer from them. And that leaves us running toward the drug store aisles. Come to mama, antihistamines – you can make it all better!

Nasal Irrigation After Sinus Surgery: What You Need To Know 

For anyone who experiences chronic sinus problems that less conservative treatments don’t help, sinus surgery is a viable option. It can improve drainage, relieving your congestion and sinus pressure in the process. It’s a relatively minor procedure, but it’s still surgery. This means two things: milk it during the recovery process (you’ll get gifts!) and

Hypertonic vs. Isotonic Nasal Rinses: Which One Should You Choose?

In the world of nasal rinses, isotonic and hypertonic often face off in competition to see which is better – it’s like West Side Story but for your sinuses. Both rinses have their benefits – they wash away germs and allergens. They flush out pollutants and bacteria. They decrease the symptoms of nasal congestion.

Tired of Tissues? Try an Alternative

The most common reasons for a runny nose are colds, hay fever, and sinusitis. All of these conditions affect the nose in a similar manner: they cause it to swell and produce extra mucus in an attempt to clear the nasal passages of irritants.  In other words, they make it annoying.

The Surprising Triggers of Winter Nosebleeds

From a childhood double-dog dare, to dry air, nosebleeds are a common occurrence; most everyone has had one. The vast majority of the time, they are temporary – a wad or two of tissues and you’re good to go. However, nosebleeds can be chronic.