Are You Breathing Polluted Air?

Take a deep breath. Just breathe. Inhale and exhale. These are all things we’re instructed to do throughout our day. Why? Because a breath of fresh air is supposed to be good for us. But – it turns out – we might be misinformed.

Nasal Rinse: Why Does it Leave You Sneezing?

Sneezing! We all do it. From weeds to trees, from kittens to wool mittens, there are many things that set our noses off. Nasal rinse? Sometimes! A small number of people who are new to nasal rinses might notice a few initial sneezes as a side effect.

Spring Allergies: Are They Behind Your Cold?

The common cold rears its stuffy head more often in cool weather – cold temps equal cold season. But the weather itself isn’t to blame. The idea that going outside with wet hair will automatically give you the sniffles? Lies!

Show Us Your Uvula!

Do you even know what a uvula is? Get your mind out of the gutter! Everyone has one, and unlike Sheldon Cooper, you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it.